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Because eventually all the evil will be punished and all the goodness will be rewarded. It was not just a ticket to the chocolate factory, but it was a ticket to his new life which he was awarded because of his good nature and heart.

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Summary The story is about a boy Charlie Bucket, who lives in extreme poverty. Bucket, and all four of his grandparents.

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It can be argued that Charlie needed to sample of self reflection essay time with the four naughty children in order to learn about the badness in the world, so that he is ready to face it. Mike leaves the factory after he tries to teleport.

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And this is a lesson that we should take from this story. They lacked kindness and kindheartedness.

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Charlie, however, has always been a good boy, and though he has seen more than his fair share of misfortune in life, he eventually gets the ultimate prize as a reward for his goodness.