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No product purification was required and the catalyst was found to be recyclable up to seven cycles without any decrease in activity. The reaction is highly stereoselective giving alkenes with E-geometry only see Scheme Chemical synthesis in ionic liquids holds the advantage of often being more efficient, thus lowering the amount of raw materials used and and reducing pollution, not to mention cost reduction.

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Examples of ionic liquids prepared by anion metathesis. Since some of these eventually happened to be toxic or otherwise environmentally damaging, the introduction of cleaner a good education essay has become a major concern in synthetic chemistry.

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Synthetic chemistry has been dominated by reactions in volatile solvents for a long time. Added to Your Shopping Cart Add to cart Description The demand for increasingly clean and efficient chemical syntheses is becoming more urgent from both an economic and an environmental standpoint.

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Not particularily as solvents, they are nowadays finding use as catalysts and catalytic supports in organic chemistry. Ionic liquids come in two main categories, namely, simple salts made of a single anion and cation and binary ionic liquids salts where equilibrium is involved.

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Scheme 20 Starting from S -proline, several chiral ionic liquids have been synthesized by Vasiloiu and coworkers [ ].

Since August he is head of the department of Chemistry at Imperial College.

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