Gcse chemistry coursework rates reaction mark scheme Controlled Assessment

Gcse chemistry coursework rates reaction mark scheme, rates of reaction coursework mark scheme

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Word process your work if you can and your results can be tabulated and processed into graphs using software packages like Excel Preliminary work usually involves doing a few trial runs of the experiment to see how it goes and making modifications if necessary. Your write-up must be your work produced from your study and your experiments. Include 'health and safety' points.

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For sources and references you should research 'rates of reaction' for theory, experimental methods etc. Clearly indicate why the method would be expected to produce precise and reliable evidence - the results!

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Decomposing hydrogen peroxide with a solid catalyst or soluble transition metal compound. If a gas is formed, there are at least two ways of collecting a gas e.

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A few health and safety ideas on risk assessment AIM for a high investigation-project mark - you have nothing to lose for your assessment! Then, they will all be at the same temperature, which should be recorded.

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Obtaining evidence - observations, measurements, in other words the results! Even with a thermostated water bath normally only available to advanced level studentsall the reactant solutions should be pre-warmed in the bath before mixing and start the timing and recoding of hindi essays for primary classes. In the case of the sodium thiosulphate - acid reaction, you can leave the thermometer in the flask and take the temperature at the end, then use an average for the temperature of the reaction.

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Your coursework write-up must expressed in your language and expressed at 'your scientific level'. In your 'method' description use the correct units or descriptors.

If more experiments are conducted at another the time, the temperature must again be checked and recorded.

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When you have decided on the method, give a detailed description of how you might carry it out. The sodium thiosulphate-hydrochloric acid reaction, you can investigate the effects of temperature and concentration.

If temperature isn't a variable, it must be kept constant.